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Twenty September 2004 DaVinciteam.com was registered with the purpose of selling software for servicing mobile phones. Remove simlocks, change language packs, debrand the provider (example Vodafone) branding or enhancing user requested features, like no camera shooter sound.

We did everything inhouse, reverse engineering, coding, distribution and support.

During the telecom boom we sold more than 200k licenses to end users worldwide. Our business exploded once manufacturers started shipping cables inside the phone packages.

website back in 2004
SonyEricsson remote unlocking server K700i, K500i, F500i, S700i unlocking and language changing! Usable with same credits used in RSA unlock server. K700i, K500i, F500i, S700i supported! (Direct unlock all locks, User code reading, flashing, decustomizing and change language) T610, T630, Z600 - R6C005, R6D003, R7A011 (all existing versions) - fast unlock! Best conditions for resellers Accounts as big or as small as you want Buy 200 logs and get custom made logger (own design, banners, skins ) For big quantitie buyers we have admin panel, to make own accounts, check statistics. Compeditive pricing!! Best end-user support Resurect repair blinking and totaly dead phones killed by total server Full Access to latest flash files directly from logger software Unlocking RSA phones like t610 t630 and Z600 without reflasing. Some facts from software: Flashing speed up to 921600 Can also use fighter USB cables (correct support of DSS-20/25 soon) Works fine on t28 datacable USB modify, thanks to BrkA LAST Stable Client Version 9.98 no camera shooter sound in silence mode for K700/K500/F500/S700, Call Timer Reset, fixed error 0x1E5 (from versions 9.8, 9.9)
Available languages for K700, S700, K500, F500: AsiaLatin1 EN MS ID AsiaLatin2 EN TL VI AsiaLatin3 EN MS ID AsiaLatin4 EN MS ID EMEA1 EN ET LV LT PL RU UK EMEA2 EN HR CS SR SL SK EMEA3 EN EL SQ EMEA4 EN RO HU BG RU EMEA5 EN AR HE RU FR FA EMEA6 EN FR AR FA RU EMEA7 EN TR RU EMEA8 EN RU EU1 EN PT ES FR EU2 EN FR DE ST ZU TR EU3 EN DA NL FR DE EU4 EN DA SV NO EU5 EN FR DE IT HONGKONG EN ZC US1 AE CF XL US1 PB XL AE mail your orders, questions, suggestions to info @ davinciteam.com If you want to buy access to our server contact with us right now! Contacts: ICQ: 111184 ICQ: 152098032 ICQ: 521212

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